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“I was very excited about the Retreat because I was looking for something to quite my mind and reestablish strong foundations; meaning a healthy routine without stress. Now that the retreat is over, I feel very good. I feel my body more relaxed, and my mind more quiet. I learned new technics to release pressure and I feel confident about spending more time in the body and not in the mind. Casa Maya Kaan is a paradise. Fantastic food, and what a villa… I mean, I doubt there are many more places like this on earth. LOVE IT!!I want to thank you again, I had a great time, and loved your stories. I had a fantastic experience and would do it again.”  

Bjorn Tuaz


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“Lu, thank you very much for this enriching experience. It was also a pleasure to meet you. You got my friendship and my admiration for your history, your path, your generosity in sharing. As I told you, I felt that everything that came from you these days was very true, very authentic and that was fundamental for me to be so present. With lightness and good humor you managed to deliver important things, that really moved me and generated a lot of reflection. I felt like participating in everything, I felt good, at ease and safe. During the retreat I was learning a lot, connecting with myself, trying to abandon my overthinking. In the end of the Retreat, I was moved, sensitive and excited. I remember thinking in the first day:  How do we achieve such abstract things? At the end, it all began to fit in and make sense.  The place is beautiful, the house is fantastic and the environment helps a lot to change our state of mind. 
But I have no doubt that the best thing about Casa Maya Kaan is the people. The whole staff was sensational! And the food was great! Listening to your personal experiences (as well as those of the other participants) was very good for me precisely because it takes many things out of the abstract and shows how things affect people’s lives. I highly recommend the Retreat.”

Letícia Carneiro

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“I went to the Retreat just hoping to spend some time in solitude and reflection and came away with much more. There was something about the space held by Luciana that just felt like a beautiful miracle of love. I was inspired by everyone to be kind of myself. I couldn’t have possibly pictured such a transformative experience. I feel so grateful for the ways in which I was stretched and the awareness and knowledge that came from that experience.The sessions were led beautifully and felt magical. I allowed myself as best as I could to surrender during this time and the insights and releases I experienced as a consequence were nothing short of sublime.The schedule allowed for activity, guided reflection, self work and rest, which was perfect. Food was incredible – chosen SO well and Luis the chef did an amazing job at staying healthy and minimal, and some times offering beautiful decadent experiences. The location was so so so beautiful and lent itself so well to reflection.” 

Karlem Sivira 

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“Lu, you have achieved more than your goals. When we live in love our goals are small because everything we do is good. Thank you. This word is even small. Thank you a thousand times. What you do is very beautiful. I learned a lot about myself. I can’t describe with words. I had many doubts during the process and now I am feeling in the present without judging it. I experienced some magical moments during the Retreat.
Our Reiki session was very strong as well. For many years I have had difficulty in express myself and now I am more comfortable to express my feelings with authenticity. I am releasing myself from fears and getting closer to my family.        You led me to find my inner peace.”

Roberta Machado 


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Lu has a special meaning on my journey. She encouraged me to see the world through the eyes of my heart.
I was going through a difficult time. I decided to seek a solution because I was tired of repeating the same patterns in different situations. I could not open myself to anyone and I was missing the opportunity to love and be authentic.
I went on the heart opening journey with Lu.
The sessions helped me to find the true meaning of self-love, happiness, and authenticity within me. My transformational journey flourished when I abandoned the need for approval and started to listen to my inner voice.
From the moment I am connected with myself, I am free. I learned to be in the present moment with the help of several techniques and recommendations that she shared.
By dedicating myself fully to the process, I was able to find the greatest love of my life: myself. As a consequence of this overflowing love, I drew what my heart was seeking. I met my boyfriend and we’ve been together for a year. My relationships has improved significantly. The sessions with Lu are wonderful. Each session is a new discovery. Nothing is better than knowing ourselves deeply, by choosing this path we can be truly happy and prosperous.

Mabyani Dutra

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“I really enjoyed the workshop. During the quiet meditation and Sound Therapy it felt light at first and then felt I was in a deep trance, almost asleep but still very alert. Going over the assignments were very emotional. It was a wonderful exercise that brought more intention towards resolving the anxieties that I felt. Creating my mantras has already shown me how I can improve my meditation practice. It gives me an extra charge especially reciting these in my morning meditation. The active meditation profoundly released a lot of anger that was built up inside me. The dancing was pure elation and I could have danced all day! I really lived the retreat and hope to be part of more similar programs that you will offer.”  

Michelle Mekos

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“I have suffered from insomnia and anxiety for years and I always look for new products and techniques. I did the Workshop with Lu Camy and also bought the insomnia kit. I loved it! In the Workshop I learned meditation and relaxation techniques that I have been practicing every day. I’m much better! Self-love and mindfulness are so important in our day-to-day lives. It should be practiced every day. I highly recommend the workshop and the products” 

Andreia Samson

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“Lu Camy is a great healer, she knows how to connect with people, she can easily understand her client’s issues. She is very passionate about what she does, which helps us even better. Lu uses powerful techniques, I was amazed about Tibetan Sound Healing. She is willing to help us in every possible way. I highly recommend her work”

Farah Diba Abrantes Braga

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“Working with Luciana has been transformative. Her sprays ground experience of the self in the body and in the present. She takes time to truly get to know her patients and then treats the whole person by first using her highly personalized preparations of herbs and flowers” Felix Teitelbaum

“I was in Lu Camy’s meditation on Sunday in Central Park and I just loved it. Lu is a person full of positive energy and her meditation techniques are wonderful, mainly because it is accompanied by her powerful aromas. Being present in the meditation with Lu was a moment of relaxation, relief from the stress we carry from daily routine and also a moment of reflection about ourselves. If you have never participated, go on the next, you will understand what I am saying. Thank you Lu, thank you !!! You are as powerful as your essences”

Claudia Savoy Leroy

“Two weeks ago I had a session with Lu Camy and was very impressed. I already knew some Lu products and already recommended with closed eyes, especially the rosemary spray . But the session was really beyond what I expected. Lu was super serious and committed not to remedy the thing superficially and to prescribe a product to cover the hole in anxiety moments. It was directed to look for the roots of the problem. I’m very excited to start using my custom products. Thank you, Lu”

Nara Roberta Silva