Lu Camy

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Luciana Camy is a Transformational Coach and Reiki Therapist. She was born in Brazil and is inspired since young age by her grandfather who works as herbalist and​ spiritual healer. She has a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts. Studied Bio-energetic Therapy and Active Meditation at Namaste Center in Rio de Janeiro. She studied Life Coach from Case Western University. Luciana has spiritual initiation by a traditional shamanic practice from Brazil. She is certified Aromatherapist and Yoga Instructor from Shiva Yoga Peeth- Rishikesh. She spent a long period in India attending to Dalai Lama teachings and completing  different trainings in meditation and sound healing. She has been working in private sessions, workshops and Retreats, her holistic approach aims to promote wellness for body, mind and spirit. She lives in Ithaca, NY.